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Caring Rochester Hills Lawyers Provide Counsel for Administering an Estate in Michigan

Fulfill your loved one’s last wishes with the help of an estate planning attorney in Rochester Hills

The time after the death of a loved one is extremely difficult. As you grieve, you must also remember that you have legal obligations as an estate administrator to gather and distribute the assets of the estate and pay off your loved one’s debts. At Otlewski & Maloney, P.C., our attorneys provide caring, gentle legal guidance to help you administer the estate. We have more than 30 years of estate planning experience and understand how to get you through the process as efficiently as possible so that you have more time to spend with your family in your tough time.

Assistance in executing your loved one’s estate plan in Rochester Hills

As an estate administrator, you have a great deal of responsibility. Our Michigan estate planning lawyers help to keep you organized and on-task throughout the occasionally complicated estate administration process. Added complications arise when estates must be administered in multiple states or when you must go through estate litigation in Rochester Hills. Generally, however, you can expect your responsibilities to include:

  • Probate. Probate proceedings with wills are typically fairly simple, unless there are questions about the will’s validity. You file basic paperwork with the probate court and notify the local newspapers of the will.
  • Inventory of the estate. You must document all of your loved one’s assets and inform all of your loved one’s creditors of his or her death. When your loved one’s assets are sufficient to pay off the remaining debts, you pay the creditors directly from the estate. If the assets are insufficient, however, you must obtain approval from the court to determine which creditors should be paid first. Dealing with creditors after the passing of a loved one can be a harrowing experience, but we are here for you to smooth the process.
  • Distribution of the estate. After creditors are paid off, any remaining assets must be distributed according to the will of your loved one. If no will exists, then state law dictates how you must distribute the assets. You also file tax returns, collect money owed to the estate and use the help of our attorneys to resolve any will contests.

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