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Meticulous Attorneys Assisting with Minor and Adult Guardianships in Michigan

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One of the most important parts of planning your estate is making guardianship arrangements for your children. At Otlewski & Maloney, P.C., we work with you to ensure that your children receive the care they need after your death. Our more than 30 years’ legal experience has given us in-depth knowledge of how to take care of your children after your death, whether they are minors or adults with special needs. Let us provide you with personalized services to protect your children’s future.

A guardianship attorney in Michigan assists with various types of plans

Under a guardianship, you name a person to be the guardian of your child or other relative (legally referred to as a “ward”) in the event of your untimely passing. A guardian has power to make decisions on behalf of a ward when the ward is a minor or unable to make decisions for himself or herself.

As your Michigan guardianship attorneys, we help you to arrange the proper type of guardianship for your situation. Types of guardianship include:

  • Limited guardianship, in which guardians’ powers are limited because wards can make some decisions for themselves.
  • Plenary guardianship, in which the guardian has power to make all personal care and finance decisions on behalf of the ward.
  • Temporary guardianship, used only for emergencies and for wards in immediate need. The guardian’s role has a time limit specified by state law applicable to the circumstances.
  • Successor guardianship, in which a replacement guardian takes over if the initial guardian resigns, is incapacitated or passes away.
  • Standby guardianship, where a court provides a backup guardian so that there is no gap in care when a guardian changes.
  • Testamentary guardianship, in which a guardian names a successor in his or her will. This type of guardianship generally only applies when the ward is an adult who has a mental or physical disability.
  • Short-term guardianship, in which an alternative guardian fills in for the standard guardian for a short period of time.

We care about making sure that your child will always be provided with the proper care, and we patiently guide you through the guardianship petition and appointment processes to ensure that the arrangements meet your objectives.

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