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Dedicated Attorneys Knowledgeable about Elder Laws in Michigan

Plan your future with a Rochester Hills elder law attorney

As you approach retirement age, there are various legal concerns that you must attend to. At Otlewski & Maloney, P.C., we assist you with all of your elder law needs to ensure that you have a solid plan for your post-retirement future. We have more than 30 years of experience in counseling clients with various elder law needs, and we are prepared to offer you practical legal advice to ensure you are comfortable with your future. It’s never too early to begin thinking about these issues — work with us now so that you can avoid stressful legal scrambling later on.

Our elder law attorneys in Rochester Hills want to grant you peace of mind

A Rochester Hills elder law attorney must be well versed in a wide variety of legal areas to properly assist clients with their needs. Common issues in elder law include:

  • Estate planning and administration. This includes the creation and administration of wills and trusts, as well as addressing tax issues that may arise as you plan your estate.
  • Medicaid, disability and other health issues. In addition to addressing your health care costs, elder law encompasses long-term care planning. This includes naming a person you want to have power of attorney, creating living trusts or living wills, establishing plans for nursing home care and creating any other means of delegating important decisions to another person on your behalf.
  • Guardianships. Our attorneys help you to create guardianship plans for your children, including adult children with disabilities.
  • Other important issues. Other matters addressed by elder law include age discrimination cases, retirement issues, elder abuse and fraud cases, probate, mental health law, and more.

Planning for all of these issues before they arise can significantly reduce the stress you and your family may experience later. We understand that preparing for the worst is often a tough process, so we guarantee kind, empathetic service at all times and careful attention to make sure we meet all of your estate planning needs.

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