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Compassionate Legal Wills Lawyer in Michigan Secures Your Future

It’s never too early to settle your affairs with the help of a Rochester Hills living wills lawyer

As you prepare your will, it is important that you work with a team of attorneys who are experienced in the intricacies of estate planning. At Otlewski & Maloney, P.C., we have more than 30 years of experience in drafting thorough wills for our Michigan neighbors to ensure that they have control over the future of their assets. We understand that planning your estate is a sensitive and occasionally distressing matter, so we provide patient, kind service to keep you comfortable with the decisions you make for the future of yourself and your family.

Work with a Rochester Hills wills lawyer to control your assets

Our Rochester Hills estate planning lawyers strongly recommend that you draft a will to ensure a smooth transition of your assets. Wills have numerous benefits, including:

  • Selection of an estate administrator. Name your spouse, a relative or friend, or anyone you trust to carry out your wishes after your passing. If you do not specify an estate administrator in a will, you leave it up to Michigan state law to decide for you based on your surviving relatives.
  • Control over asset distribution. With a will, you have full control over the distributions of all the assets in your estate. This helps prevent unnecessary arguments among your loved ones after your passing.
  • Avoidance of intestate succession. Intestate succession is a stressful process, in terms of both the legal requirements and the emotional toll it takes, which is particularly acute when the family has just lost a loved one. You can spare your family unnecessary additional distress by working with our diligent attorneys to draft a will.
  • Business succession plans. If you own and operate a family business, use your will to lay out business succession plans.

Simply put, having a thorough will helps your family avoid many stressful processes during a difficult time. Our attorneys work closely with you to formalize your wishes in a thorough, legally binding document so that you can have peace of mind about what will happen when you are gone.

Contact a Rochester Hills legal wills attorney for more information

Call Otlewski & Maloney, P.C. today at 248-759-5641 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to discuss your estate planning needs. Our office is located in historic downtown Rochester Hills, conveniently off I-75 and M-59. We maintain our commitment to you by returning all calls and emails as quickly as possible and by meeting with you on weekends or evenings by appointment.


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